Floor Plan: Custom Home

We understand that building a home can seem overwhelming. That’s why we try our best to keep the process simple. Do you have a design of your own? Don’t know where to start? Oaktree Builders can work with you to take your list of wants or needs, get something on paper and begin talking through the details. We have in-house design capabilities and expertise in the building process, so whatever your style, we will be sure that the home is built using quality materials and craftsmanship. Take a look at the bottom of this page for some of the custom homes we have built in the past.



Our Process

Depending on your need, Oaktree Builders is able to design your house from scratch, or we can look at existing floor plans, and make modifications to meet your individual needs. The result will be detailed plans that show you what your finished home will look like.

Initial Consultation Phase

  • Let’s hear all the details that are in your head, on your Pinterest boards or on the back of napkins – bring those ideas to us so we can begin learning what you have in mind
  • Our team will share ideas or things to consider as you choose the location of your home
  • An initial budget¬† that details out specifications is reviewed at the end of this phase

Design Phase

  • First drafts of the design and layout are developed. This is what we get to talk about room sizes, details about the exterior and interior design
  • This phase continues until you are happy with the layout and a budget is approved

Selection Phase

  • This is the fun part! Oaktree Builders will work with you to choose everything from flooring to cabinets to windows and doors, all the details about style and color
  • We know this can be overwhelming, so we will work closely with you, so that you can make well informed decision

Building Phase

  • Let our carpenters and tradespeople get to work
  • We have longstanding relationships with local supplies and tradespeople who partner with us to get your home built within budget and on schedule

Done! Here are your Keys!

  • We will be sure you are familiar with your new home and aware of warranties or other important details
  • We can guide you through the closing process, if needed, and ensure that the details are settled, turning the keys over to the new home owners